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Letter to Mr. Robert O. Slagle, McLean, VA

Re: EM 3989 Schlegel

Dr. Mr. Slagle
Your letter of May 29th, was duly received, and in the meantime, I got the first report from my agent about this first try in the Evangelical parish Grunwettersbach.
He sent 13 certificates on the pedigree lineage, which I am sending as per the enclosure, with the exception of the baptismal certificate of *(128) which seems to be not entirely correct. I asked my agent for respective explanations.
I abstained from making translations, since you had told me, that you can do that yourself. If something might not be clear to you, you can get my translation, of course.
With this next report, my agent will send data on the Schlegel family tree. I guess, this will clear up some questions.
From the annotation in the baptismal record of (64a) Anna Schlegel, it can be seen that she was already married, when she emigrated in 1844. But no respective marriage record was detected hitherto in the registers of Grunwettersbach. I gave my agent some instructions how to proceed with regard to this question.
The will of Adam Schlegel, of Reading, Berks Co., Pa. December 19, 1785, probated June 1, 1786, mentions a dwelling in Reading, and a plantation in Cumru Twp.; makes bequests to the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Lutheran School in Reading, names wife Christina, brothers Christopher Schlegel, in Carolina, and Phillip of London; sister Rosina, wife of Schneider, of Carolina, and Margaret, wife of Frederick Knodel, of Carolina, etc.
You will notice in the here enclosed material the relationship with Knodel.
Johann Friedrich Knodel, son of the Mayor “Schultheis” of Mutschelbach, with his wife, nee Schlegel, and 6 children, got baptismal certificates of Grunwettersbach on 2.V.1752, “Since he had left.”
One Johann Georg Schneider, of Maichingen, * 25.X.1724, venia emigrant 30.IV.1751 (Ludwigsburg) Protocol, landed at Philadelphia 17.IX.1752 (List 185 C), perhaps he could be our man?
You mentioned “the Monnette genealogy”. I don’t exactly know which publication by Mr. Orra Eugene Monnette of Los Angeles, and I have his “First Settlers of Ye Plantation…”.
I dimly remember, that I debunked several of his genealogical conclusions, which makes me think, that one can’t accept all his statements for granted. Shall keep you posted as soon as the next report will come in.

From: Schloss Senftenegg, A 3325 Post Ferschnitz, Niederösterreich, Austria, Telephone: xxxxxx