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Historical and Biographical Sketch of the Schlegel, Slagle, Slagel, Slegel and Slogel Family Letter to Mr. Robert O. Slagle, McLean, Virginia
dated June 10, 1972
Attached Report with Letter Referenced in the Center Column. dated June 10, 1972

The distinguished name of Schlegel, Slagle, etc… is derived from the German word, meaning a mallet, beater, drumstick, racket or battledore. Two very early representatives of this family were Herman Der Schlagel, who lived abut 1299, and Werner zem Schlegel, who lived in 1828,in Basel Switzerland. <continued>

Re: EM 3989 Schlegel

Dr. Mr. Slagle
Your letter of May 29th, was duly received, and in the meantime, I got the first report from my agent about this first try in the Evangelical parish Grunwettersbach. <continued>

from: Schloss Senftenegg, A 3325 Post Ferschnitz, Niederösterreich, Austria, Telephone: xxxxxx

Note: the * symbol which stands for birth date, I will substitute b.
The + symbol represents death date, I will substitute d.
instead of married or m. they used the infinity symbol, I will substitute m.

ca. 1600 Schlegel Tree Below ca. 1700 Schlegel Tree Below ca. 1775 Slagle Tree Below